RemoteStar.com growing fast in building your remote team due to Serbia strong stability?

RemoteStar.com growing fast in building your remote team due to Serbia strong stability?

  • With 600 top agents in sales and support, RemoteStar.com is now becoming a leader in doing IT positions for several global brands.
  • Fluent 16 languages assisting entrepreneurs grow their business
  1. Stable Economy

Economically speaking, Serbia has seen a steady growth in foreign investment, and locals have benefited from this. More international companies are opening their branches in Serbia, hiring hundreds of people to handle the workload. Being a country with less economical fluctuations, Serbia is a perfect destination for your outsourcing needs, and you can rest assured that all your operations will remain stable.

  1. Highly Skilled and Professional Workforce

Currently, Serbia’s IT sector exports close to 2 billion dollars per year, and its market still isn’t completely crowded and saturated. Universities in Belgrade and Novi Sad are highly regarded, and more young people are choosing to go into IT-related fields. Additionally, Serbian workers are among the highest ranking employees within IT, customer service, sales and marketing sectors in the world. What sets these people apart is their impeccable knowledge of English, French, German and Spanish languages, as well as high knowledge of new technologies. It’s no wonder world-leading companies are opening their offices in this region. One would think that this quality comes at a high cost, but outsourcing work to Serbia is quite affordable and foreign companies are saving up to 60% in this process.

  1. SerbianMentality is More Similar to the Western

Working with outsourced and remote teams means you need to work with many different cultures and mentalities. While it’s nice to learn about other cultures, there are some barriers which can be tough to overcome. This is why it might be better to work with people with a similar mentality - it will be easier to understand each other, and the way you approach work will be very much alike. Workers in Serbia are hospitable and open, and even though some might say Serbs are spontaneous - they do stick to business agreements, and they’ll make sure to provide you with the best service possible. And if you get a chance to visit - they’ll make sure you feel like you’re at home.

Why Should RemoteStar.com Be Your Top Option for building your 100% full time dedicated team of employees in Serbia?

With over 600 employees and more than 8 years of experience, Remote Star’s team established themselves as the leading outsourcing provider in this region. Their teams have experience working with clients of all sizes, across various industries in multiple job positions, including sales, customer service, IT and marketing. They have a unique approach to work, and are making sure that your outsourced teams operate as if they’re working in-house, thanks to the top talent and executives who are leading the company.

So, if you’re thinking about your team setting up your team to Serbia, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you.

To sum up - Serbia has been working very hard in the past decade to become Europe’s leading outsourcing destination. The workers are highly skilled, educated, professional, while at the same time affordable, so they make a great choice for anyone looking to outsource customer support, sales, IT or marketing-related operations.

The Serbian economy has been growing, and the country is now more stable than ever. 

Keep in mind that these are just the top three reasons why you should move your business to Serbia, there are plenty more, and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you in greater detail.

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