PART 2: Now you will see why outsourcing is perfect for you

PART 2: Now you will see why outsourcing is perfect for you

Now that you’ve realized you could benefit greatly from outsourcing with our boutique approach, here are a few pointers we can advise you to follow:

1. Clearly define your expectations, scope and company DNA. You want your outsourced team to breath and act as your in-house team.
2. Make sure there are clear schedules for every milestone to be accomplished. When everyone is on the same page business will run smoothly.
3. Your outsourced managers will track and send you KPI reports. It’s a good idea to schedule a regular meeting to go over those reports and see how business could improve and evolve further. You would be surprised to see how often talented managers come up with ideas when you sit together to brainstorm.
4. Setting clear rules is important to all sides involved. When employees have clear rules to follow they won’t worry about making any mistakes. And when everyone has the same path to follow, as a team you will get there faster.
5. Communication is golden. After setting up the outsourced project, it could be tempting to leave everything up to the managers on location. Don’t get us wrong, we’re confident they will handle absolutely everything thrown at them. However, it is very important to define levels of authority, how often you would like to be involved in specific situations and who will be the point of contact for day to day situations. As we said, communication is key, and once you set the rulebook for everyone else they will follow your lead.


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