5 Outsourcing trends for software development in 2021

5 Outsourcing trends for software development in 2021

Fundamental changes are coming to businesses across the world because IT outsourcing becomes more popular and grows rapidly day by day. A total of $3.9 trillion has been spent on IT in the previous year so it’s expected for that number to get bigger in the next couple of years.

Entrepreneurs of all types are keeping their eyes on outsourcing trends regarding software development. Outsourcing is reshaping the globa

l market, introducing new ways how the companies understand and see their development, allowing huge opportunities to happen.

  1. More and more narrowly specialized software companies

Some say they like dealing with one outsourcing company and others say they enjoy having multiple so the opinions are different. The fact is that more and more businesses require narrow specialization companies. One of the reasons is the fast-evolving tech sector. It’s very hard for your in-house team to keep up with day-by-day innovations.

What companies are expecting from outsourcing providers is for them to be very capable to bring high-quality people. The need to collaborate with more than one provider should not be a problem, as long as the needed results are delivered.

 On the other hand, if a big outsourcing company can offer a full-cycle software development with a team of skilled and diverse people who are professionals in their field, that will have a huge advantage of being a great provider that will build strong personal and transparent relationships.

  1. High Demand for everything Blockchain

It is predicted that Blockchain-related spending on a global level is expected to reach $16 billion annually by 2023.

Therefore, that is one of the biggest outsourcing trends regarding IT. From developing smart contracts to immediate microtransactions, it’s been proven that distributed ledger tech is enhancing transparency, security and offers new and innovative solutions for startups to raise money.

The need for great specialists, knowledgeable and capable blockchain-related services is on the rise so these days everybody is looking for blockchain professionals. This is why everybody from financial institutions to private ventures is looking for outsourcing companies that have a team of experts with experience in that field.

  1. Cybersecurity

It’s not a secret that data is and has been the most valuable resource for quite some time and for the same reason the protection and security have never been more important than today. GDPR is a big deal and more and more companies are investing in solutions to make sure they are compliant with GDPR and to make sure their data is safe because of the rise in cybercrime. These days anybody can be a target, it doesn’t matter if you are a small company, an IT firm, or a government. Everybody will be reaching out and looking for an outsourced solution for their cybersecurity.

  1. Cloud Computing

There is only one way for Cloud-based computing and it’s up! Predictions for spending on a global level are almost $1 trillion. The number of data that needs to be stored is getting bigger and bigger daily, so the companies will turn to outsource to have effective cloud solutions. Cloud platforms are popping up all the time. Their presents will increase together with the need for security services.

  1. IT Outsourcing hub in South-Eastern and Central Europe

The need for outsourcing services in the past couple of years was influenced by the need to cut costs but in 2021 the main focus is on the quality and not only lower prices.

This is one reason why one of the favorite outsourcing destinations is in South-Eastern and Central Europe and not India or China. Serbia, Ukraine, and Poland are becoming very attractive and proven to have highly skilled and experienced teams. The expansion in this area is caused by well-trained people, high-quality service for moderate prices. 

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